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                     Your Pocket VR,  Your private theater.

        JetRock Industrial Co., Ltd is a new company established in July, 2015 at Taiwan Taipei. The VRock-II Pocket VR Glasses is the second generation product developed with more mature design, the patented tiny pocket VR glasses can be folded and put in your pocket easily to go everywhere. It supports popular smartphone form 4.5 inch to 6.0 inch(Maximum width < 82mm). It is so easy and convenient to share 3D video or VR games with your friends when outgoing. It's size only 20% volume compared with other pruduct when folded. There are lots of VR/AR APP or Youtube 360 video can be found on Android Google play or Apples store. Try it! You will be supprised and enjoy what the VRock-II can bring for you.


        捷絡克實業是一間台灣的新創團隊, 成立於2015年七月, 繼第一代口袋式VRock-I VR 3D立體眼鏡量產之後, 緊接著再度開發第二代的超小型口袋 VR 3D 立體眼鏡也即將問世, 它改變了一般體積大且不易攜帶的虛擬實境 (Virtual Reality) 3D 眼鏡的缺點, 讓各位可以放在口袋隨時與朋友分享與使用的好物, 可以搭配4.2吋至6.0吋(機身寬度 < 82mm)的智慧型手機應用於海量的VR(Virtual Reality) 3D遊戲, 3D 或 360 youtube影片, 讓你享受震撼臨場的大畫面.

  •  第二代口袋VR VRock-II ( Second Generation VRock-II VR Glasses)


  •  動態收折展示圖 ( Animation of VRock-II operation)

<Youtube 介紹>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-lq5CFoakU



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Mr. Dennis Chen
Addr : No.23, Ln. 105, Sec. 1, Xinwu Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23152, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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